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When you are shopping for replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you will be making a lot of different choices before you settle on the replacement windows you want to have installed in your home.

You will look at types of windows, styles of windows, types of glass, and types of materials that are used in the construction of replacement windows. While you may settle on different types of windows, styles of windows, and types of glass, you may find, like many other homeowners, that the best material for your replacement windows is vinyl.

Vinyl replacement windows offer many benefits, which is why they are a very popular choice among homeowners who are replacing their existing windows.

One of the benefits of vinyl replacement windows is that they are energy efficient. Not only will your home not lose any heat during the cold winter months, but it will not lose any coolness during the warm summer months.

This will make your HVAC system run more efficiently and it will keep the interior of your home comfortable all year long. This, in turn, will lower the amount of money you have to spend on energy.

Another benefit of vinyl replacement windows is that they require virtually no maintenance. If you choose replacement windows that are constructed of wood, for example, you will have a lot of maintenance.

Wood windows have to be periodically repainted and resealed, and they have to be maintained so that they stay moisture-resistant, so that dangerous mold and mildew don’t develop on them. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, never need to be repainted or resealed. And, because they are scratch-resistant, you never have to make scratch-related repairs.

If you like the look of wood windows, vinyl replacement windows can handle that as well. A faux wood coating (in several different shades) can be applied to the vinyl so that you have the beauty that wood windows offer without the hassle of maintaining it.

Pests like termites and carpenter ants can do significant damage to wood windows. Carpenter ants, in particular, are attracted to wood because it has a high moisture content. Termites come in through the exterior frame of wood windows, and, once inside your home, can spread quickly.

Once termites or carpenter ants have infested wood windows, the damage is usually so extensive that the windows need to be replaced. A termite infestation is usually not limited to just your windows, so you may have other costly home repairs to make as well.

However, you don’t have to worry about pest infestations with vinyl replacement windows. Because vinyl windows don’t hold moisture and it’s virtually impossible to access the inside of your home through their exterior frames, vinyl replacement windows will keep your home secure from pests and potentially costly repairs.

Another great benefit of vinyl replacement windows is that they hold up well over time. Unlike wood, which can split, warp, and sag as they age because of moisture and heat, vinyl replacement windows are totally weather resistant.

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If you like a variety of colors, then vinyl replacement windows will give you many different options to choose from. This means that you can use your replacement windows to complement the color schemes you have already or you can make your windows the focal point of your home by choosing a contrasting color to your existing colors.

A final benefit of vinyl replacement windows is that you can have them custom-built to fit any window, no matter what size or shape, in your home.

To learn more about replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can speak with our knowledgeable staff at California Custom Creations.