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You probably already know that installing replacement windows in San Jose, CA is a good investment for your home. But what you may not know is all the reasons why they are a good investment and why you should get replacement windows installed sooner rather than later.

One reason that replacement windows are a good investment for your home is that they improve energy efficiency. The lifespan of windows is between 15 and 20 years, so if your home is more than 20 years old, you are probably losing a lot of money in energy costs because of your old windows.

Most houses settle over time, and this can make window frames off center, so that when you close your windows, there are gaps where cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer can rush in, making your HVAC system work longer and harder to keep a comfortable internal temperature. Additionally, as windows age, they don’t always close properly, so that becomes another source of energy loss.

Having replacement windows installed improves energy efficiency in several ways. First, the windows are framed out square, meaning the new replacement windows will fit securely inside the frame, and there will be not air leaks.

Second, replacement windows themselves have many options, including double pane and triple pane glass (each pane is separated by a layer filled with an inert gas like argon or krypton) and low emissivity (Low-E) coating. These options can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency and significantly lower your energy bills.

Replacement windows are also a good investment because they improve the appearance of your home, giving it an updated look on the inside and increasing its curb appeal on the outside. If you’re planning to sell your home in the not-so-distant future, having replacement windows installed will add value to your home and will increase the selling price and attract more potential buyers.

Another reason why replacement windows are a good investment is because they can reduce the amount of outside noise that comes into your home. If you live near a busy road or near an airport or military base, outside noise can be a real nuisance. Replacement windows can cut down that noise considerably, and make your home much quieter and much more peaceful.

Replacement windows are a great investment because they protect your family and the interior of your home. Older windows let the full amount of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV)rays into your home, so your home’s interior is subjected to the same effects of being outside in the sun – all the time.

Many people don’t realize that when windows let the full amount of UV rays inside the home that there is a real risk of people who sit by windows for some time to get sunburned, just as they would if they sat in the sun outside for some time.

Additionally, the full effect of UV rays inside your home can, over time, damage flooring, furniture, carpeting, and rugs by fading them. Replacement windows have UV reduction options that can protect both the people you love and the valuable possessions inside your home.

Finally, replacement windows can increase the safety of your home. If you have small children, and they’re able to easily open all the windows in your home, they are at risk for falls that could end in serious injury or death. Double hung replacement windows allow you to open the windows using both the top and bottom sashes, so you can use the top sash for ventilation and protect your little ones from possible harm.

To learn more about the installation of replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations. You can call us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation.

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