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If you’ve been dragging your feet on getting replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you are in good company. It is not unusual for homeowners to delay windows replacements for months or even years after they should be done. Here are some of the reasons why people say they put off getting replacement windows and some counterpoint information to consider.  

Homeowners often put off windows replacement because they’re current windows are mostly functional. They can tolerate windows that don’t slide up and down smoothly, that jam sometimes, or that have broken locks.   

Homeowners often expect this after they’ve lived in a house for a while, and so they believe this is normal and okay. Unfortunately, it’s not. If windows have broken or cracked glass, rust, water damage (on the windows themselves and/or on the walls around them), broken hardware, or pest infestations, then it’s time for replacement windows.  

Replacement windows are also put off by homeowners because they believe it will be too costly. The reality is that, while replacement windows are a major home expense, replacing windows is an investment in your home, it increases the value of your home, and it eliminates the hidden costs you’re already paying for old and damaged windows.   

When window frames warp, rot, and sag, gaps are created that allow heat in the winter and cool air in the summer to escape. This makes your HVAC system run more frequently to maintain a constant temperature inside and, often, the only way to get some semblance of comfort is to crank the heat in the winter and significantly lower the thermostat in the summer. This results in higher energy costs and a lack of consistent comfort.   

In addition, gaps in the old windows allow bugs, snakes, rats, mice, and other undesirable outside pests into your home, which can create, at the least, a nuisance, and, at the most, dangerous conditions for your family. If old windows don’t open and close properly, they can present a safety hazard if you and your family need to use them to escape from an emergency situation in the house, such as a fire. Broken hardware diminishes the security of your home and leaves you and your family exposed to theft and other types of criminal activity.  

Homeowners often put off replacement windows by opting to repair the old windows instead. Sometimes, repairs can be done very effectively and it makes sense to do them. Minor leaks can be sealed with weatherstripping or caulk and a broken window pane can fixed by replacing the sash.   

However, problems with windows develop over time, and eventually what seems like minor problems become major problems. If condensation is developing on the inside of the window, or the window frame is warped or sagging, or the walls and/or window frame has extensive water damage, these are problems that can’t be repaired. Windows replacement is the only option.  

Windows replacement is often delayed by homeowners because they don’t think it’s the right of time of year to have the windows replaced. This often happens year after year. The reality is that replacement windows can be installed any time of the year. In fact, late fall and wintertime are an excellent time for windows replacement because of sale prices and speediness of scheduling and installing them.  

If you have questions about replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you can talk with our experienced staff at California Custom Creations. You can call us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation. 

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