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You’re considering the installation of replacement windows in San Jose, CA, but have you ever considered why homes have windows to begin with? When you understand how important windows are to homes, you will have a better understanding of how replacement windows will be one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Of all the parts of a home, the importance of windows is often overlooked. However, a home without windows is not a home. In fact, windows serve a lot of functions that you may perhaps have not noticed or just take for granted. These functions are not only practical, but they also make your home feel like your home.

One important reason why homes have windows is to provide protection from the outside elements. The earliest windows that we know about were not made of glass, but they were installed to protect the home and its occupants from the weather conditions outside.

Windows keep the inside of your home safe from damage that could be caused by weather and they keep you and your family protected when inclement weather hits.

Another reason why homes have windows is to let natural light inside. Natural light creates warmth and creates an uplifting atmosphere inside your home. Have you ever noticed how gloomy your house seems on a cloudy or rainy day and how everyone’s mood seems a bit blue? But on nice and bright sunny days, your home feels warm and cozy and everyone’s mood is more positive and energetic. That is how powerful windows can be in your home.

When you’re selecting replacement windows, you’ll want to take light filtering into consideration because light has a tremendous impact on both health and the décor of your home. If you have rooms that are darker because they have fewer windows, you can enhance the window’s effect by using light-colored paints and installing mirrors parallel to the windows to reflect natural light throughout the room.

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Another reason why homes have windows is so that the views outside the homes can be enjoyed from inside. You may have beautiful trees that reflect every change of season or gorgeous flowers and bushes that have so much color when they are in bloom that they are breathtaking. Windows let you enjoy those just as much when you’re inside your home as when you are outside of it.

Another reason why homes have windows is for privacy. There are many varieties of windows that have obscured glass. Obscured glass lets light inside a room, but it prevents anyone who is outside from seeing inside. Windows with obscured glass are often used in entryways and bathrooms.

Another reason why homes have windows is to make them more comfortable regardless of what the temperature is outside. Windows are a critical part of your home’s insulation, and replacement windows offer many options to maximize their insulating power.

Double or triple pane replacement windows (which have inert between the panes) offer very good insulation. The better insulated your home is, the lower your power consumption will be (and the less it will cost you) and the more comfortable you and your family will be.

Homes also have windows because windows provide ventilation. Modern HVAC systems are relative newcomers in the history creating cooling air flow in homes. HVAC systems didn’t become standard in many homes until the last two decades of the 20th century.

Until then, windows were the main source of ventilation and cooling in homes. Their cooling effect could be enhanced in the summer with fans, but the ventilation and the fresh air they provided – and still provide – during the spring and autumn were perfect for keeping homes at a very comfortable temperature.

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