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When looking for replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you will find that there are many options to choose from in a lot of different categories. You’ll find that selecting just the right replacement windows for your home will be much easier if you have a little knowledge when you have your in-home consultation.

Replacement window frames and sashes come in several different types of materials. Each one of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages in certain climates, but armed with the essential information about each of them will help you to make a well-informed decision.

One type of material for replacement window frames and sashes is wood. Many older homes have wood frames and sashes, because these were, if the home is really old, the only material choice, or because they offer a classic look, can have ornate designs and painted any color, and are better at thermal insulation than metal/aluminum frames and sashes.

Wood replacement window frames and sashes need regular maintenance, while many other materials are maintenance-free. Additionally, wood will warp and rot because it easily absorbs water. If you live in a climate where humidity is high all the time, wood is not a good choice at all.

But even in climates without high humidity, eventually wood will deteriorate because of its moisture absorption. This means you may have to replace wood replacement window frames and sashes more often than replacement window frames and sashes made from other materials.

Having said this, you have an alternate option to have the beauty of wood combined with a material that reduces the amount of maintenance required by choosing wood-clad replacement window frames. The wood frame is surrounded by aluminum or vinyl on the exterior of the window, while the interior of the frame is all wood.

While this reduces the maintenance you will need to do on the window, one disadvantage to wood cladding is that it can actually accelerate the moisture absorption of the wood, leading to even faster decay and replacement.

Vinyl is another type of material that is used in window replacement frames and sashes. It is a very popular choice among homeowners because vinyl offers very high levels of energy efficiency and requires virtually no maintenance.

However, there are only a limited amount of customization and options choices available with vinyl replacement window frames and sashes. Additionally, vinyl replacement window frames tend to be bulkier so they can provide more insulation, and some people find the bulkiness unattractive.

Replacement window frames are also available in aluminum. This is good choice if you’re looking for durability and structural integrity, as well as a larger glass area in the window itself.

The big disadvantage to aluminum replacement window frames is that they have a high heat transfer rate (it’s faster to bake a potato in the oven with aluminum foil wrapped around it than it is if nothing’s wrapping the potato at all), which raises the overall U-factor of the window.

The final types of material that window replacement frames are manufactured with are fiberglass or composite materials. These are newer types of material, but they have gained accolades for their high level of energy efficiency and their durability.

These are bulkier replacement window frames, so there is even less viewing area through the glass than that with vinyl frames, which is a disadvantage for many homeowners.

To learn more about replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations. You can see us at 1406 Melwood Drive, San Jose, CA 95118, or you can call us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation.

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