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Replacement windows in San Jose, CA will be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only will they increase the value of your home and the curb appeal of your home, but they will also provide you with an opportunity to bring more natural light into your home and create panoramic views of stunning views outside your home.

Bay windows are very popular with homeowners because they tend to open up rooms with light and they can make rooms seem bigger and airier no matter what size they are. In addition, choosing bay windows as replacement windows gives you an opportunity to be creative with the space inside and outside the bay window.

Unless your home already has some type of bay windows installed and you’re simply replacing them, most bay replacement window installations require preparatory work before they can be installed. This may include repositioning the opening of current window space, making the current window opening larger, or adding or removing walls to accommodate the bay window.

Some homeowners take the inside space and create cushioned reading nooks, where they and their families can spend a lazy afternoon reading while bathed in sunlight. For the outside area around bay windows, homeowners often create ledges where they can put beautiful pots filled with flowers and herbs to create a gorgeous window adornment.

With so many benefits of bay windows, understanding the different types will help you choose the right replacement windows for your home.

Oriel bay windows are bay windows that are installed on the second floor of your home directly over the front or back door. Like porches on the first-floor level of homes, oriel bay windows open up light and space for narrow hallways or dark spaces. Having an oriel bay replacement window installed on the second floor of your home also enables you to create extra space inside for a cozy nook or to house children’s games and toys.

Another type of bay replacement windows is bow bay windows. Bow bay windows consist of four casement windows that create a window that is much bigger than many other types of bay windows.

Bow bay windows have the advantage of maximizing the amount of natural light that pours into a room and of having the largest amount of interior space around the window to create cushioned seating in a living room or den or to create a breakfast nook in a dining room or kitchen.

Canted bay windows are another type of replacement bay window to consider. With a design consisting of a large flat front pane and two angled side panes, they are one of the most common and popular styles of bay windows. They are typically seen on older historical homes or Victorian style homes in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

A final kind of bay window that is popular with homeowners who are considering replacement windows is box bay windows. Box bay windows are usually chosen for replacement windows because they don’t require any additional work to be done to the home when they’re installed.

Box bay windows are installed in existing window openings. Box bay windows are shaped like a box, are built slightly out from the house, and have a center pane that spans the window opening and two smaller panes on each side. Most box bay windows are covered by a tiny, sloping roof.

To learn more about bay replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can speak with our knowledgeable staff at California Custom Creations.

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