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Types of Window Glass – Part One

Milpitas, CA replacement windows can have different types of window glass that are used in them. Window glass can be used in many different ways throughout a home and each type of glass serves a particular purpose.

Float glass gets its name from the process that creates it: forming molten glass into big, flat sheets. During this process, molten glass is floated on molten tin. This action results in creating large very smooth and very thin sheets of glass. Float glass is the most common type of glass used in windows. It gets cut to size, treated, upgraded, and then set into a window frame.

Safety laminated glass is a very strong glass with safety enhancements that ensures that if the glass is hit by something, the object will not break the glass out of the frame and send flying shards of glass that could injure people. Safety laminated glass is used in car windshields: while things fly in and people fly out sometimes, rarely do you see the glass broken completely out of the windshield frame. The process to make safety laminated glass involves using high heat and high pressure to fuse two glass panes around a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This is a good choice for homes that are located near golf courses and sports complexes.

Obscured glass refers to any glass that lets light in, but cannot be seen clearly through. Patterns in obscured glass may be frosted, etched, coated, or have decorative designs, but the purpose is to see no more than a vague shadow of what’s behind the glass. Obscured glass is popular for bathrooms and for entry door windows (it is also used in shower doors).

When a sheet of float glass is cooled, it is done so by a very slow, detailed, and highly controlled process. This process is called annealing. What annealing does is make the glass stronger by reducing the amount of stress on the glass that was created by quick cooling. Annealing is the next thing to be done to float glass as it is prepared to be ready to set into a window frame. However, annealed glass is not ideal for windows because, if broken, it will shatter into dangerous shards and large, sharp pieces.

Tinted glass refers to any glass that has color added to it. While tinted glass is more commonly seen as an option for motor vehicles and skylights, adding tinted glass to replacement windows can increase privacy reduce heat from the sun, and provide UV protection tor the interior of the home.

Tempered glass is annealed glass that is made four times stronger. Once glass is tempered, it can’t be cut, so tempering doesn’t take place until the annealed glass is finished and cut to size to put into the window frame. To temper the annealed glass, it’s heated to above 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and then rapidly cooled. Heat-soaked tempered glass is made by baking the tempered panes at 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking it tests the stability of the glass: if the glass breaks, then its unstable and can’t be used.

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