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If you are considering replacement windows in San Jose, CA, casement windows should be one of the types of windows that you consider. Casement windows have a large glass area, which allows ample light into your home.

Casement windows have a hinged opening, and they are opened and closed using a crank that is attached to the frame. Casement windows open vertically away from your home, and they are an excellent replacement window choice if you’re looking for good ventilation.

The first time we know that casement windows were used is in the 18th century. Common windows during this time were small single hung windows that were simply made and offered a straightforward window solution.

However, light and ventilation were behind the development of casement windows, since their large glass areas let lots of natural light into the home, and a lot of fresh air into the home when they were open.

Casement windows during that period were also a showcase for the specific artisans who made them. They often feature elaborate designs and uniquely created cranks. As technological improvements have been made in manufacturing windows, casement windows have come a long way from their 18th century counterparts.

Today, one benefit that homeowners get from casement windows is that they offer a completely unobstructed view of whatever is outside. So, you should consider casement windows as a replacement windows option in rooms in your home where you have a beautiful view.

Another benefit of casement windows that homeowners like is that casement windows allow sunlight to flood into rooms. If you have rooms in your home that are darker because they have only one window, then a casement replacement window can make those rooms much less dark.

You might consider casement windows, as well, for rooms where a lot of natural light would enhance the décor or the purpose of the room. A lot of sunlight can make a room seem warm and comforting and it can also make smaller rooms seem more open and airy.

Many homeowners who have casement windows use them in rooms of their homes where people are apt to naturally gather. These rooms typically include the living room, the kitchen, the great room or den, and the dining room.

If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of beautiful days when the temperatures are perfect and nice breezes are blowing, then you should consider casement windows for your home.

Casement windows are highly effective at facilitating the airflow in your home. Casement windows open completely, so all the air outside is available to cool and freshen your home on nice days and nice nights. If you have more weather like this than not, having casement windows could significantly lower your power bills.

However, casement windows are also a good replacement window choice when the weather outside is not so inviting. When colder temperatures come, casement windows will help with your home’s overall insulation.

Casement windows don’t have but one sash that needs to be sealed when they’re closed. The seal is very tight, so you will have virtually no air that leaks out of your home through casement windows.

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Another benefit you get from casement windows is that they are easy to open and close. This is helpful when you have windows in your home that are in locations where they can’t easily be opened and closed.

One example is windows that are over kitchen sinks. It’s hard to get the leverage you need to raise and lower a single or double hung window. But with a casement window, you simply turn the easily accessible crank to open and close the window.

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