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The Role of Windows in a Home

When considering Los Gatos, CA replacement windows, it’s valuable to think about the role that windows have in a home. While windows are generally taken for granted as a part of a house’s structure, they have many functions that make a home feel like home.

Windows allow natural light into the home. Natural light creates a warm, yet stimulating environment. Seeing the sun inside a home naturally awakens the occupants and gets them up and moving for the day. Sunlight is also therapeutic and can create a happier and more positive atmosphere inside the home. Choosing replacement windows that allow more natural light to be filtered in the house can create a healthier and brighter interior design. With effective use of mirrors and paint colors, this effect can be enhanced if the right replacement windows are installed.

Some homes have gorgeous outside views of thickly-planted woods, grass-covered rolling hills, majestic snow-capped mountains, glistening blue lakes, and soothing ocean fronts. Replacement windows, such as bay windows or picture windows, can bring those beautiful scenic views indoors where they can be admired and enjoyed continually.

Windows can provide privacy in a home as well. Replacement windows with obscured glass allow light inside, but they are impossible to see through. They can be frosted, etched, coated, or have a pattern design. Use these replacement windows in bathrooms and entry doors to get a lot of light and a lot of privacy.

Good insulation is a foundational element in any home. Not only does good insulation make a home more energy efficient, but it also lowers energy consumption and energy costs, while keeping the home comfortable all year round. Replacement windows can play a part in improving the insulation of a home. Many older homes have single pane windows, which are not very well insulated. Up to 40% of a home’s energy loss can be attributed to windows. Choosing double or triple pane replacement windows ( which have an inert gas between the panes) are very effective at keeping warm or cool air inside the home and keeping cold or hot air outside.

Windows can provide excellent ventilation when the weather is nice enough to turn off heat and air conditioning. With double hung replacement windows, both sashes can be opened so ventilation can be adjusted several different ways. Casement and awning replacement windows, which open outward vertically and horizontally, allow good air flow throughout the house. Sliding replacement windows can be adjust when opened to allow outside air to come in through both ends of the window.

Windows can also make a home safer. Using double hung replacement windows in upstairs rooms and children’s rooms and opening them for ventilation using the top sash ensures that nobody in the home will fall out of a window and be injured or killed (this happens much more frequently than might be imagined).

Windows also give a home visual appeal. With many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, replacement windows can transform the entire look of a home and enhance its visual appeal.

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