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If you are thinking about replacement windows in San Jose, CA, then incorporating that into your summer makeover for your home is ideal since you will be doing other things during this endeavor.

Many times, we decide to do summer makeovers of our homes because the days are sunny and long, the weather is nice, and we are at home more than other times of the year. Summer is also a time to refresh our homes and get a lighter and more airy feel to the interior of our homes.

Summer home makeovers often include bigger projects than we’d normally undertake at any other time of the year because we can take advantage of the extra daylight, good climate, and additional time we have to spend at home.

One of those projects this year might be having the replacement windows you’ve been considering – and know you need because your current windows are older and may not be functioning properly or are not as energy efficient as they should be – installed in your home.

Spring cleaning has begun. Part of that consists of taking down window treatments and either cleaning them or thinking about replacing them. Spring cleaning also means cleaning all the windows in your home on the inside and the outside.

As you clean your windows, you may see where windows are damaged. If they are wood windows, you may see – or feel places – where the wood feels soft and wet. You may see warping and you may have a very difficult time opening and closing the windows. You may also see that the wood has mold or mildew growing on it.

All of these are signs that your windows need to be replaced. Not only are you losing precious heating during the winter and cooling during the summer because your windows don’t close all the way, but mold and mildew are dangerous fungi that can make you and your family very sick.

Now, you need to decide what type of window replacements you want and what style you want.

While you can choose wood for your replacement windows, if you have a problem with moisture and mold and mildew growth, you might want to choose a composite window that looks like wood but is completely resistant to moisture and its related problems.

Next, you’ll want to do what style of window you want. You may have single hung windows installed throughout your home since that is what many contractors install when they are building new homes.

Single hung windows have some distinct disadvantages. One is that they can present a safety risk for young children when they are open. Because single hung windows have only the lower sash that opens, children who are playing near them or sitting in them have the risk of falling out of them.

Single hung windows also can only provide ventilation from the lower part of the window, since the lower sash is the only one that moves. And, to clean single hung windows requires you to clean the inside part of the window inside your home and go outside – and use ladders for upper floors – to clean the outside part of the windows.

Double hung windows are a great option for replacement windows. Both sashes of the window move. This means that you can open the upper sash for ventilation and prevent the chance of small children from accidentally falling out of the windows.

You can also position both of the sashes so that you get ventilation from the top and bottom, which maximizes the airflow into the room. And, because double hung windows tilt inward, you can clean the inside and outside parts of the window from the inside of your home.

To learn more about replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations.

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