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When you’re thinking of having replacement windows installed in San Jose, CA, one of the first things you will do is come up with a budget. There are a few important keys to coming up with a successful budget for replacement windows.

One key is to determine how much you are able to spend on replacement windows installation. By doing research ahead of time, you can come up with a realistic budget for replacement windows installation.

The next key is to let the windows company know upfront what your budget for the entire project is. By sharing this information with the windows company, you save yourself and the company time by eliminating window replacement options that aren’t compatible with the budget you’ve allocated.

The third key is to think about your budget creatively. Many times, when homeowners begin thinking about a replacement windows project, they tend to look at it as a whole. What can happen with this perspective is that you may believe you’re limited to a certain type of replacement windows throughout your home.

However, one of the smartest ways to look at replacement windows installation is placed in your home. Consider the area of your home where replacement windows will have the most impact in terms of appearance and in terms of value.

For most homeowners, the fronts of their homes are more visible to the outside world than the back of their homes. The front of your home gives people who see it an immediate impression of you. Whether that impression is accurate or not may be based on your windows.

So, when you have a budget for replacement windows, consider having state-of-the-art windows installed in the front of your home and standard windows installed in the back of your home.


The first reason is the curb appeal. When a home has a high curb appeal, it becomes more valuable. If you and your family move in the future, having a home with a higher value will net you a higher selling price, attract more buyers, and probably shorten the amount of time it takes to sell your home.

Another reason is security. Most home break-ins occur through windows. If the replacement windows in the front of your home look strong, then potential burglars will think twice before trying to break into your home. Additionally, having state-of-the-art windows installed in the front of your home will give you and your family more peace of mind.

How your replacement windows function is another reason for putting state-of-the-art windows in front of your home. For example, you may decide to have casement or awning windows installed in the back of your home because you like their openness and because they give you good ventilation when the weather is nice.

However, you may want a more clean look in the front of your home that makes it impossible to tell whether your windows are open. You might decide to go with a couple of fixed (picture, bow, or bay) windows to take advantage of great views in your front yard and double hung or sliding windows for the rest of the front windows.

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Style is a final factor in why you may put state-of-the-art windows in the front of your home and standard windows in the back. Your home may have a look that begs for a certain style of replacement window in the front to create cohesiveness, whereas, in the back of your home, style may not matter so much.

To learn more about the installation of replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations.