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Pros and Cons of Awning and Hopper Replacement Windows

If you’re trying to decide between awning or hopper Saratoga, CA replacement windows, the choice will be easier if you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of window replacement. We’ll summarize these for awning and hopper replacement windows.  

Choosing replacement windows can be a lengthy process because you have more to think about than window styles, materials, and types of windows. Three considerations in choosing the right window replacement are the functionality of the window, the direction in which the window opens, and the direction the window faces.   

Most windows provide two main functions: light and ventilation. Awning and hopper replacement windows are excellent windows to fulfill this functionality. Hopper windows open outward or inward, using a window hinge at the bottom of the window. Awning windows, as the name suggests, open outward with a top hinge, creating an awning when they are open.  

Awning and hopper replacement windows are very good choices for ventilation. Awning windows have a distinct advantage because they can be opened to allow cool air in even when it’s raining. The hinged part creates a waterproof seal, so that rain doesn’t come into the window sill or the house.   

Hopper windows, because of their design, tend to accumulate more dirt and debris than awning windows when they are open, and they cannot be opened when the weather is wet, icy, or snowy, because the moisture will come inside.  

Both awning and hopper replacement windows are very energy-efficient because they have a very snug fit when they are closed and locked. When wind blows against both awning and hopper replacement windows, both windows’ seals are tightened to reduce air leaking in or out of the house.  

Although awning and hopper replacement windows are popular choices for kitchens and sunrooms, they are also a very popular choice for basement windows. They allow a lot of natural light inside, which can significantly brighten a darker kitchen or basement.   

While awning and hopper replacement windows are not technically projection windows, they do take up space when they are open. This needs to be taken into consideration when these windows are installed along sidewalks and patios, because you don’t want them in the path of where people will be walking or where patio furniture is situated.  

Both hopper and awning replacement windows tend to get dirtier than other styles of replacement windows, but both are fairly easy to clean. Hopper windows are the easier of the two to clean because they open inward, so you can clean the inside and outside of the glass from inside the house. Since awning windows open outward, you have to clean the inside of the window inside the house and go outside to clean the outside of the window.  

Both awning and hopper replacement windows are excellent windows for security because they are difficult to break into. However, because they are smaller than most windows, it would be harder to get out of the house through them in case of a fire or other emergency. This should be considered if you are planning to use awning and hopper replacement windows in bedrooms or bathrooms.  

When you need more information about awning and hopper Saratoga, CA replacement windows, you can talk with our experienced team at California Custom Creations. You can call us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation. 

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