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Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

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Pocket Doors were popular in Victorian times and remains a recognizable feature of many buildings preserved from the era. Pocket doors regained prominence in the 1950’s during post-war housing development as a space saving solution in new homes. You can find this door style in many Bay Area homes and it is a charming architectural detail that many want to preserve.

Pocket Doors remain popular today, as an attractive and efficient space saving solution for bathrooms, closets, utility rooms, and offices. Pocket doors are available in a multitude of styles including glass, frosted glass, mirrored, bypass, and folding styles

If you have existing pocket sliding doors, you may want to replace them since there have been technological developments to improve functionality with the use of ceiling tracks, floor tracks, and multi-pass sliding doors.

If you are looking for a more modern look that still saves space, you may also want to consider installing a barn door.

Pocket doors are difficult to install if there are pipes, electrical wiring, or load bearing wall nearby, so it is best to have a professional install or replace broken pocket doors. Whether you want to install new pocket doors or replace existing ones, California Custom Creations is the Bay Area’s leading window and door installation contractor.

Why Choose Pocket Doors

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  • Easily concealed when open
  • Accessible
  • Takes up little to no space
  • Does not block or cover wall when open
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Fits with many home styles
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