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Whether to get new construction windows or Fremont, CA replacement windows is a frequently-asked question for homeowners who need to replace aging and worn out windows. The first thing you’ll need to know is exactly what the new construction windows and replacements windows mean.  

New construction windows or new home windows are manufactured to be nailed directly into the frame (studs) of the home before the exterior of the house is either bricked in or sided with vinyl siding. Replacement windows, on the other hand, are designed to be put into a home after brick or vinyl siding is applied to the exterior of the house.   

Therefore, the only manufacturing difference between new construction windows and replacement windows is a part called a nail flange (or nail fin) which is secured and flash-taped to the exterior wall. The nail flange fastens the window into place, making it airtight and waterproof.  

Another important thing to know about new construction windows and replacement windows is that new construction windows come in standard sizes, while replacement windows can be custom-sized to fit any existing window. If you home was built before 1970, it is highly unlikely that new constructions windows can be installed in place of your existing windows, because window sizes for new construction were not standardized before 1970.  

Additionally, if you choose to put new construction windows into an existing home, the frame (studs) of the home will need to be exposed, which means all the exterior brick or siding will have to be removed first, which is labor-intensive and very costly. This alone can make new construction windows much more costly than custom-built replacement windows.  

Custom-built replacement windows are, in general, much higher-quality windows than new construction windows. They are built to the specifications for the windows in your home, so they fit perfectly. Additionally, replacement windows do not require any exterior changes to your home, since they slide into the same area of the previous window and are secured with discreet screws that are screwed into the frame of the window.  

This means less time, less cost, and less inconvenience for you.  

Finally, let’s examine the often-repeated claim that new construction windows will let more light into your home than replacement windows will. That may or may not be true. Since the only difference between new construction windows and replacement windows is the nail flange that is secured to the outside wall, the window itself is the same in both types of windows, so the amount of light each window allows in is the same. The only thing that truly determines how much light comes into the house is the composition of the actual glass in the window.  

The bottom line, then, is that new construction windows don’t have any real benefits over replacement windows, and they require much more work to install, they cost more, and they take longer to install.  

If you want to know more the differences between new construction windows and Fremont, CA replacement windows, talk with our experienced team at California Custom Creations. You can contact us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation. 

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