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How to Choose Replacement Windows

When you are choosing replacement windows in San Jose, CA, there are many things that you should factor into the replacements windows you end up selecting.

The first step is deciding whether you need replacement windows. The average life of window is about 20 years, so if the windows in your home are older than that, then it’s more likely that they need to be replaced.

However, the are some definite signs that indicate that replacement windows are needed. If your windows are leaking, then they should be replaced. If you see gaps between the window and the frame (which create drafts), then the windows should be replace. If the window frame is warped, then the windows should be replaced. If your windows are difficult to open and close, then the windows should be replaced.

Another tell-tale sign that windows need to be replaced is increasing energy costs. If you feel air coming in from outside, then your windows should be replaced because your heating and cooling system is having to work overtime to try to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Additionally, if you see condensation between the panes of glass in your windows, then that is another sign that there’s a structural gap that is letting moisture inside the windows.

Maintenance of windows is one factor. Vinyl and fiberglass frames have the lowest maintenance of any window frames, while wood requires the most maintenance. If you want the look of wood without the maintenance, you can choose to have a woodgrain laminate placed over the vinyl or fiberglass frame.

Matching the hardware in the room is another consideration when selecting replacement windows. Look for window locks that will match lamps, ceiling fixtures, and cabinet or dresser handles in the room.

How easy the windows are to clean is another consideration when choosing replacement windows. For easy cleaning, look for windows that tilt inward so that you can clean the inside and outside of the window from inside your home.

Energy efficiency should also be a consideration for replacement windows. Look for windows that have the Energy Star seal, and consider low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, along with vinyl corners that are fusion-welded for maximum energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

There are several different glass options for windows and this a factor that you should consider when you are selecting replacement windows. You can choose from clear glass (many windows will have this), tempered glass (shatter-resistant glass), obscure glass (made for privacy and a good choice for windows in doors and bathroom windows), and tinted glass (helps lower the solar heat flow, while allowing sunlight in, which keeps rooms more comfortable all year long).

If you’re in a high-traffic area or live near a sports venue, such as a major or minor league baseball field or a golf course, you should consider replacement windows with impact glass, because they will soundproof your home and because even if something hits the window, it’s unlikely to actually break it.

Another consideration when choosing replacement windows is ease-of-use. Crank and sliding windows are easier to open and close than windows that you have to push up to open and pull down to close. If there are older people living in the home, then this should definitely be a factor in the windows you eventually decide to have installed.

To learn more about how to choose replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can speak with our knowledgeable staff at California Custom Creations. You can visit our showroom at 1406 Melwood Drive, San Jose, CA 95118, or you can contact us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation.

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