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No one expects that the glass in new replacement windows in San Jose, CA will break, but sometimes life happens. The glass in your replacement windows may have been broken by an object that was tossed around in a sudden wind gust or during a long period of high winds. Someone may have tried to break into your home by breaking the glass in a window. Perhaps the broken glass is the result of an errant baseball throw or golf putt.

So, what happens when the glass in your replacement window breaks?

It depends, to a large extent, on several factors. Because there are several different ways that the broken glass in a replacement window can be addressed, you’ll want to have our professional assessment to make sure it’s done correctly.

If the glass in your replacement window is simply cracked, then our professional staff can easily remove the cracked piece of glass and install a new, identical piece of glass to replace it.

However, there are other options for replacing broken glass in a replacement window as well. One option is to replace the broken glass with insulated glass units (IGUs). This makes the glass easy to replace if you have issues with cracks or breaks in the glass of your replacement window in the future. IGUs have the advantage of being easy to install: the broken or cracked IGU is simply popped out by our professional installers. They then pop a new, identical IGU in its place and seal it.

If you decide you don’t want the broken glass in your replacement window professionally replaced, you can attempt to replace it yourself. However, there are inherent risks in trying to tackle this project on your own.

First, there is always the risk of cutting yourself on the broken replacement window glass as you try to remove it from the window frame. Glass cuts can range from minor, but painful to severe cuts that could lead to significant blood loss.

Another risk with trying to replace the broken glass in your replacement window is that you could easily damage the window frame. Once the window frame is damaged, it will be impossible for the window to fit perfectly in the window frame, and all the benefits of your replacement windows will evaporate if you don’t have a perfect fit.

Many people who have replacement windows installed order special types of glass in their windows. If the broken glass in your replacement window is a special type of glass, then it will be next to impossible to get an identical glass, since specialty glass must be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Replacement windows come with warranties and guarantees, so before you try to tackle replacing broken glass in a replacement window, contact our company so that we can advise you on the best route forward. If your replacement window is still under warranty, the broken glass may be replaceable without any cost to you. Our professional staff will ensure that you get the same type of glass and that the installation is done accurately. We will seal and insulated the glass in your replacement window so that you can derive all the same benefits you have when the original replacement window was installed.

It’s always better to seek professional help first when the glass in your replacement window breaks. Even if the break is not covered by your warranty, you have the peace of mind that the replacement glass will restore your replacement window to its original state and you don’t have to face the risks of trying to replace it yourself.

To learn about replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can speak with our knowledgeable staff at California Custom Creations.

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