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Once you have decided to have replacement windows installed in San Jose, CA, you should start thinking about what kind of window covering you want for each window. After all, if you are upgrading your home with new replacement windows, you want to make sure that your window coverings do them justice.

One thing that many homeowners do not realize is that they do not have to use the same kind of window coverings throughout their homes. When you are having replacement windows installed, you have chosen different types of windows for different rooms in your home. Therefore, it makes sense to consider different types of window coverings that work best with the replacement windows you have chosen.

Suppose that you have chosen casement replacement windows for some of the rooms in your home. Casement replacement windows have a crank operation that opens the window vertically out from your home.

Casement windows allow a lot of light filtering and ventilation, so the window covering you choose for your casement replacement windows should enhance the window’s natural qualities. Some of the good window treatments for casement windows are shades, curtains, or drapes.

You will probably want to avoid using blinds because they will inhibit some of the full effect of the benefits that casement replacement windows give you. Curtains and drapes work well as long as they are installed so that they do not obscure part of your casement replacement windows when they are open.

Cellular shades, Roman shades, and roller shades are perhaps the best window covering for your casement replacement windows. When they are closed, your windows are beautifully adorned, and you have complete privacy.

When they are open, your casement windows are completely unobscured, and you are able to take full advantage of the natural light and ventilation they bring into your home.

If you are having slider replacement windows installed in some of the rooms of your home, then you have several types of window coverings that will work well with them. Slider windows open horizontally, so the window coverings you choose for them should work in tandem with the way the windows open.

While many people think about vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, vertical blinds are a great choice for your slider replacement windows. They are easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.

Other good window covering options for slider replacement windows are shades and curtains. If you want to add another layer of insulation to your slider replacement windows, consider installing cellular (honeycomb) shades.

Cellular shades are a popular window covering for almost any type of replacement window because they provide optimal light control, and they have excellent insulation properties, so they will enhance the energy efficiency of your slider replacement windows, which will keep your energy costs lower.

If you are having double hung replacement windows installed in your home, the types of window coverings you can choose to enhance them are limitless. You can choose blinds, shades, curtains, or shutters, and each one will work well.

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Blinds and shutters are popular window coverings for double hung replacement windows. Shutters can also add to the energy efficiency of your double hung replacement windows because they are installed inside the frame of the windows, so they create an extra layer of insulation.

When you are having replacement windows installed in your home, you are increasing your home’s value and curb appeal, so you will want to choose beautiful new window coverings to enhance what replacement windows will bring to your home.

To learn more about the installation of replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations.