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When you’re choosing replacement windows in San Jose, CA, one of the considerations in the final choice you make is the glass that is installed in the windows. You may be looking at replacement windows for your home or your business because your existing windows are not functioning properly.

As windows age, they can begin sticking, making them difficult to close all the way. If your windows were installed when your home or business was built, time may have caused the foundation to settle. Often, this means your windows don’t fit securely in their frames.

Hardware can also get damaged or break on windows when they get older. You may have window locks that simply no longer work or they are broken.

All of these conditions with your windows make your home or business less secure. Replacement windows will definitely increase the security of your home and office, but the glass you choose to have your replacement windows made with can enhance that security even more.

One type of glass that will enhance the security of your replacement windows is laminated glass. Laminated glass is made up of many layers of glass so that your window is thicker than most other windows. A sturdy film of plastic is placed between each of the layers which makes laminated glass even stronger.

Replacement windows that are made with laminated glass enhance the security of your home and business in many ways. First, they are almost impossible to break. This makes them an excellent deterrent to would-be burglars who might try to enter your home or business through the windows (many break-ins occur through windows).

The second way that replacement windows with laminated glass increase your home or business’s security is that in the rare event that laminated glass breaks, the glass pieces will stay stationary instead of shattering in many dangerous shards that could injure people.

Additionally, because the glass pieces stay in place if the laminated glass is broken, your home or business is also protected from the elements and any unwanted dust and debris outside until you can have the glass replaced.

Another type of glass that will increase the security of your replacement windows is tempered glass. Tempered glass is manufactured using a special process that gives it a different texture than normal glass panes.

This makes tempered glass strong enough to withstand most of the things that normally break the glass. In addition, like laminated glass, tempered glass doesn’t break in sharp pieces like normal glass when it breaks, which means it will be less likely to injure anyone in the unlikely event that it breaks.

Privacy glass, which is also known as opaque or frosted glass, is another great option for replacement windows that will make your home or business more secure. Privacy glass allows natural light from the outside in, but it prevents anyone outside from seeing inside.

Privacy glass is often used in replacement windows that are installed in bathrooms, but you can use replacement windows with replacement glass in any room of your home or area of your office where you want to keep out prying eyes.

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Another benefit of privacy glass in replacement windows is that privacy glass is very energy efficient. Privacy glass will help reduce solar heat gain and glare in rooms where the sun shines brightly during most of the day.

Choosing a type of glass for your replacement windows that makes your home or business more secure will give you greater peace of mind.

To learn more about replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations.