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Replace the Entry Door for Your Bay Area Home

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Your home’s front entry door provides the portal into your life. It makes a statement about what kind of house you own and is often the focal point for curb appeal. Not only does a front entry door bring enhance the aesthetic of your home, but it tends to be the door that sees the most traffic. Why not pay special attention to the door that is used most frequently? Making sure your door is installed correctly with the right materials makes all the difference in terms of reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. When you choose California Custom Creations to install your front door, you’re getting 25+ years of door and window installation experience at an affordable price. Call us today or visit our showroom to learn more about installing a new entry door for your home.

Front Door Materials: Fiberglass or Wood?

Front doors can be made from several different materials. We offer front doors in both wood and fiberglass options

  • The most popular front doors are made with fiberglass. Fiberglass is a time-tested material designed to withstand the daily abuse that a front door receives.
    • Fiberglass doors subvert heat by not acting like a conductor. This means that despite the summer sun hitting your front door all day, you can touch the door without burning yourself when you get home from work.
    • Fiberglass doors won’t warp, bow, or split due to changing temperatures.
    • Fiberglass front doors require zero maintenance and look great for years to come.
  • You cannot dispute the beauty and aesthetics of a wooden entry door.
    • Wood entry doors have a softer, organic feel.
    • Wood doors can easily be repaired or repainted.
    • Wood doors add an air of authenticity and add character to Craftsman, Victorian, and Shingle Style homes.

Professional Installation of Energy-Efficient Doors

Your door is not only a focal point of your home’s entrance but a valuable asset to protecting your home from the elements. During the summer, cool air is frequently lost from front doors since they are used the most throughout the day. Letting air out by opening your door is unavoidable but you can take precautions to ensure hot air stays out while cool air stays in when the door is closed. Call us today and learn how to save on costly energy bills while keeping your home stylish.

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Divider Santa Clara CA Replacement Windows And Doors

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