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You may be considering replacement windows in San Jose, CA because the current windows in your home are extremely hard to open and close. While replacement windows may be needed, there are a few things you can try on your current windows before making that decision.

Dirt, dust, and pollen will gradually accumulate in the tracks of windows as they age. This is a common reason why windows stick, which makes them difficult to open and close. You may be able to clear up the problem by thoroughly removing the debris and by liberally lubricating the window tracks.

To clean out the debris that has accumulated in the window tracks, you will need cleaning cloths, a towel, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, vinegar or baby shampoo, a bucket of hot water (about half a gallon), and a silicone-based lubricant.

Raise the sticking window up as high as you can so that you can easily access the tracks where the window sash slides open and shut. Use a dry cleaning cloth to remove all loose dust and dirt. Remove all additional debris located inside the tracks using your vacuum’s brush attachment.

Next, you need to make a cleaning solution that will get rid of mold, heavy dirt buildup, and mildew. Take a half teaspoon of baby shampoo or 3/4 cup of vinegar and mix it in a bucket with half a gallon of hot water. Wet a clean cloth with the solution and thoroughly scrub the window tracks.

After the window tracks are clean, use a wet cloth (plain water) to wipe them down. Then use a clean towel to dry the window tracks.

Once the window tracks are dry, spray the silicone-based lubricant onto a dry cloth and apply it liberally on the inside and outside of the tracks, the weatherstripping, and the jamb liner. Distribute the lubricant evenly by lowering and raising the windows several times. Repeat this process until the windows open and close smoothly.

If you have repeated the lubrication process several times, and your windows are still sticking then the windows themselves are probably damaged. Windows typically last about fifteen or twenty years, so if your windows have hit or exceeded their lifespan, then replacement windows should be your next consideration.

As windows age, the materials they are made from beginning to break down. Wood windows are more likely to experience this deterioration sooner than windows manufactured with other materials.

You see other signs of aging beyond the windows being hard to open and close. Cold air or hot air may be coming inside the windows. Condensation may be on the inside of the window glass. You may be finding it hard to regulate the temperature in your home so that it is comfortable, no matter what time of year it is, which will inevitably increase the amount that you pay for energy.

Another reason why your windows are sticking windows can be that the window sash no longer sits squarely in the window frame. This is a result of years of use and the natural aging of the window.

Replacement windows enable you to easily open and close your windows, because there are no obstructions in the tracks and because they are installed squarely within window frames. However, you should still clean the tracks in your replacement windows on a regular basis using the cleaning method described here.

Replacement windows will increase your home’s curb appeal and add to the value of your home, as well as making your home more energy efficient and lowering the amount that you pay for energy.

To learn more about the installation of replacement windows in San Jose, CA, you can talk with our expert team at California Custom Creations.

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