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Choosing a Season of the Year for Windows Replacement

Although Cupertino, CA windows replacement can be done year-round, some seasons present more challenges than others and the processes involved in the windows replacement are often different because of the temperature outside.  

Doing a windows replacement during winter may be necessary because of unforeseen circumstances or an emergency situation with your existing windows. While windows replacement can be done during the winter months, there will be some challenges involved.   

One challenge of doing a windows replacement during winter is temperature. Because windows replacement includes removing the old window and replacing it with a new window, there is likely going to be a period of time where cold air is pouring in from the outside, potentially making the entire house much colder. To help alleviate this, you can either shut the room where the windows replacement is being done off from the rest of the house by closing the door, or the windows replacement installer can use a temporary zip window to allow less cold air into the house.  

Winter can also present another challenge for windows replacement because of weather. Inclement weather like snow and sleet can delay the windows replacement, so it may actually take longer to finish than during other seasons of the year.  

Summer may seem like an optimal time to do a windows replacement, but installation of replacement windows during summer months also presents challenges.  

Unlike winter, where the challenge is keeping extreme cold out of the house, the challenge is summer is to keep extreme heat of the house and turning your home into an oven. Similarly to a winter windows replacement, you can shut the room where the windows replacement is being done off from the rest of the house by closing the door, ensuring that the rest of your home stays cool. A temporary zip window will not keep the heat from coming in, but you can use ceiling and floor fans instead to provide some cooling.  

A second challenge to a summer windows replacement can be inclement weather such as thunderstorms. Like the weather of winter, this can potentially cause delays in your windows replacement being completed.  

Generally the two most temperate seasons of the year are spring and fall. The weather outside is moderate during the day and really adverse weather is atypical. Therefore, spring and fall are the optimal times to do a window replacement, if this part of a home improvement project and not an emergency situation. Not only do you not have to take extra measures to keep very cold or very hot air out of your home during the spring and fall, but you are far less likely to experience delays due to weather during a windows replacement in these two seasons.  

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