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When you’re considering whether to buy replacement windows Santa Clara, CA, you need to know whether your existing windows can be repaired and at what cost or whether you need to invest in replacement windows.   

When windows get old or are drafty or are just plain ugly, the first instinct may be to consider replacement windows. For windows that are fifteen to twenty years old or older, replacement windows are highly recommended. However, for other scenarios, it may be more feasible to repair the windows until you’re ready to by replacement windows. When you’re looking at repairing windows, the condition of the window frame, the window glass, and the window sill, among other window components, needs to be factored into the decision.  

If you have real wood windows installed in your home, age and weather can cause them to rot. Signs of rot include peeling paint and windows not fitting tightly into the frame, making them drafty. If the rot is severe, removing the glass and rebuilding the frame will likely cost as much as a replacement window. So, window replacement is the best option. If the process of the wood rotting is in its early stages, however, the areas affect can be patched with epoxy, sanded, and repainted or stained to be restored to a like-new appearance.  

When glass panes get scratched, cracked, or broken, if the window frame is in good condition, it’s more cost-effective to simply replace the glass. However, if your windows are old, then the frame will not be in pristine condition for glass replacement, so replacements windows are your best option.  

Double- and triple-pane windows have an airtight seal that facilitates insulation by slowing the rate of heat transfer. If this seal gets damaged or broken, condensation will get in and fog the window up from the inside, creating a blown window. Blown windows are extremely difficult to fix, so replacement windows are your best option. You may be able to replace just the window sash if the window frame is still in good condition.  

Old windows are typically harder to open and close. Sometimes they have been painted shut. Other times dirt and other debris has accumulated on the window tracks. Additionally, window hardware may be broken or the window has gotten out of alignment as the foundation of the house has settled.  

If the issue is debris buildup or paint, you can clean the tracks or remove the paint with a putty knife. If the issue is broken hardware, you should be able to find replacement hardware at a home improvement store. If you can’t find replacement hardware or the window is misaligned, then replacement windows are the only option available.  

When windows are drafty, excess cold and excess heat come into the house during the winter and summer, making the house colder or hotter. Energy bills will be higher because your HVAC system will need to work harder to maintain a constant temperature inside your home. You may be able to fix drafty windows using caulk and weatherstripping. However, if a single-pane window, a loose sash, or rotting wood is responsible for the draftiness, then replacement windows are a must.   

For more information about repairing or replacement windows Santa Clara, CA, you can speak with our staff at California Custom Creations. You can call us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation. 

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