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One Los Gatos, CA replacement windows option is double-pane glass windows. Many older windows have only single-pane glass. Single-pane glass windows have one layer of glass while double-pane glass windows have two layers of glass. While the one layer of glass in single-pane windows provides adequate wind protection, glass itself does not insulate very well.   

Energy research estimates that almost 70 percent of a home’s energy loss can be attributed to windows and doors, and that 90% of a home’s heat loss is directly attributed to glass. When your home is not well insulated, outdoor temperatures can dramatically affect the inside temperature – and comfort – of the house.  

Until double-plane glass windows were created, most homeowners with single-pane glass windows chose to install storm windows (these come with screens, so they replaced traditional screens, providing comfort in all seasons), which fit on the outside of the window frame, to get a second layer of insulation to keep the home warmer in cold weather and lower energy bills.   

Double-pane glass replacement windows have two panes of glass that are separated by a space of gas – argon or krypton – or air that assists in slowing down the transfer of heat and cold. Air is less energy-efficient than gas because gas is more dense than air.  

The construction of double-pane glass replacement windows (with a recommended Low-E coating applied) lets the most available visible light in, but keeps more heat inside the house during cold weather and keeps solar heat and UV rays outside the house, making it cooler, during hot weather.  

Double-pane glass replacements windows are a significant investment for your home, but you will immediate see a return on that investment with noticeably lower power bills all year long. With less cold and heat transferring through your home’s windows, your heating and cooling costs will drop dramatically. Additionally, it will be easier to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature inside your home.  

A reduction of 24% of energy usage in the winter and up to 18% of energy usage in the summer is possible when double-pane glass replacement windows are installed throughout your home. Replacing just one window will not result in these same benefits.  

Double-pane glass window replacements also help to decrease the amount of outside noise that comes into your home. The combination of two ways of glass and a layer of gas in between them serves to help better soundproof your home. Additionally, the noise that leaves your home to the outside is also reduced, so you can crank up the music without disturbing your neighbors. Double-pane glass window replacements are an excellent option for homes that are situated on busy roads or in noisy neighborhoods.  

Quality in construction is key to the effectiveness of double-pane glass replacement windows. If glass in the windows is not spaced properly, you can experienced failed seals, as well as the buildup of condensation between the two panes of glass, which will negate all the benefits of investing in double-pane glass window replacements.  

For more information about double-pane glass windows for your Los Gatos, CA replacement windows, you can speak with our knowledgeable staff at California Custom Creations. You can contact us at (408) 316-6293 to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation. 

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